Mainstream media is on the side of bad people!

Media everywhere portrays evil people as victims, so it happening in the Philippines doesn't surprise me. Sometimes this is done for political reasons. The newspapers publishing pics of deceased drug dealers is not done because the media cares about them; they are doing it solely to demonize Duterte and create a narrative. They were publishing no pics 6 months ago when innocent people were harmed, or other major problems were happening there. This is solely political.

There is a new sickness in the world today. This sickness is the political correctness of pandering to evil people. Some people like to make excuses for bad behavior – but only for certain people. This is very confusing because it doesn't make much sense. It borders on mental illness.

I am going to provide an example of media bias that is a perfect example of this type of propaganda; it has to do with the U.S., so I don't mean to bore or disrespect Filipinos who don't want to hear it because this is a Philippines site; the example is so close I feel it's relevant.

The U.S. media, not long ago, tried a smear piece on Donald Trump( by the way, I don't personally like Trump and probably will not vote for him). The media invented a story about Donald Trump being associated with the KKK, because Trump did not immediately denounce Caucasian racist David Duke. Trump was NEVER associated with him and actually left the Indepedence party years before (among other reasons) because he was in it. Trump also made a club he bought open to black people for the first time in its history. The media tried to say David Duke and Trump in the same sentence to try to frame him; the whole thing was total bullshit. Trump had denounced the KKK and Duke previously.

Meanwhile, Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd, a former KKK leader, was elected senator by Democrat voters and the same media said nothing. Bill and Hillary Clinton spoke highly of Sen. Byrd and Bill said it's ok he was a racist because he was a young guy, growing up in the south, and that's what you did then. Yeah you just joined the KKK and lynched black people. Yeah, right, what an excuse. Can you imagine if Trump praised a friend, who was a white supremicist leader? Can you imagine the media? Oh, but Hillary and Bill Clinton speak highly of the flaming RACIST Byrd, and it's ok. Where's the media?

Also, Hillary Clinton said young black men should be made to heel; as in heel like a dog! She said black men are super-predators. She also joked that Gandhi ran a gas station; this is a racist comment playing off of the joke that many Indian-Americans own gas stations and convenience stores. Hillary Clinton is a racist. You won't hear it from the propagandist BS media, though. They will paint the narrative that Trump is in the KKK and is the racist.

The point I am making is the U.S. media doesn't care if Clinton is a racist; they don't care about racism, period. They use the race card tactic to score political points. They have no moral, just whore values. No mainstream media cares about drug dealers or what happens to them. It is all political theatrics.

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