Filipinos have wisened up to the hollow fear mongering of traditional media

Thank goodness the people now know better. No amount of foreign bashers will sway the Filipino people. They try so hard to instill fear among the common people. As if to say that we should only now start fearing for lives since we could be the next target of the PNP or the vigilantes. Many yellow supporters would even condecendingly say, "kayong mga Dutertards, sana hindi mga mahal nyo sa buhay ang maging next casualty sa war on drugs."

The people know better. They know what it was to fear for the lives of their sons and daughters who would commute everyday to and from school/work. Everyday we hear news and stories of young men getting holdupped, young women getting harassed or raped, kids being abused by their own family, students going missing, innocent citizens getting ran over by drunk/high drivers, and just the number of casualties by criminals. And everyday, we fear for the lives of our loved ones because of these experiences.

The fear-mongering these foreigners and yellows create pales in comparison to the actual fear we all felt waiting for our love ones to come home hoping they won't encounter any addicts, drunks, or criminals.

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  1. ...fear mongering, mind conditioning, agitation, and planted stories to descredit good people no longer work, just like being people power magic, it will not work anymore. Social media is the guardian of truth, traditional media worldwide is nearing extinction..!!

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