Yellow stupidity has resulted in the downfall of the journalism profession in the Philippines!

Speaking of yellow brand-building, there was an item in the news today that is a good case study on how the Yellow Ecosystem for Brainwashing the Masses operates.

(What is the Yellow Ecosystem for Brainwashing the Masses? Read this...

The CHR head, Chito Gascon, an old-time yellow lackey who was appointed by Noynoy to the CHR in 2015, said that charges of crimes against humanity can be filed at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for the "extra-judicial killings" that Gascon claims are being perpetrated by the Duterte administration.

Observe how the Yellow Ecosystem played this out:

1. First, Gascon name-drops the ICC and UN as if he speaks for them, but he actually doesn't. The heads of the ICC and UN probably don't even know who he is.

2. Then, the yellow media (i.e. Rappler, ABS-CBN, Inquirer) spin Gascon's statement into a headline that sounds like it was the ICC itself that issued the statement.

For example, this was Rappler's headline: "Int'l court may probe drug-related killings in PH – CHR".

If you don't read the rest of the article, you might think the ICC is already coordinating with the CHR to file a case against the Duterte government. But the ICC actually has nothing to do with this, its name was just used in vain by Gascon and the yellow media.

3. Then, the yellow "civil society" trolls pass the article around on social media, to make it seem like ordinary citizens are concerned about this issue.

The TV arm of the yellow media might even show interview clips of some "chairman" of a hastily manufactured NGO with a trumped-up name like "United Peace Association of Parents, Teachers, and Children Against Poverty, Crimes, and Corruption" bewailing the supposed ICC case against the Duterte administration.

Maybe Chito Gascon should go ahead and bring whatever case he thinks he has to the ICC. This would be a golden opportunity to demonstrate to a global audience what unprecedented heights yellow stupidity can reach. And while Gascon is at it, he should also file cases at the ICC for the deaths of the SAF 44, and against his yellow cohorts who coddled drug lords and allowed the drug menace in the Philippines to ruin the lives of at least 3,000,000 addicts plus countless victims of drug-related crimes.

Otherwise, if Gascon does not do this, maybe it's time to have him investigated by the Ombudsman. After all, he is blatantly using his government position and the resources of his government agency to support the propaganda line of his yellow party instead of attending to legitimate human rights cases. As his friend Leila de Lima would say, "this is a mizzuze and abuzze of power".

While we're on the subject of the UN, there was an interview with Lauro Baja, former permanent representative of the Philippines to the UN, on ANC the other day. According to Baja, the rapporteur who criticized Duterte on "extra-judicial killings" is not even an employee of the UN. Rapporteurs are only consultants and they are not an official part of the UN itself. Yet the yellow media made it seem like it was the UN itself condemning Duterte.

(It's weird that ANC did not post this part of the Baja interview online, they only chose to post a snippet of the second half of the interview.)

Now here comes the NUJP (National Union of Journalists of the Philippines) coming out with a statement slamming Alan Peter Cayetano for bringing up the biases of the media. It's funny, really, because the NUJP members and their ilk are probably the only people left in this country who don't think the media is biased.

These journalists are living in their own planet, celebrating themselves as crusaders, martial law warriors, freedom fighters, and saviors of society, totally unaware that the rest of us find them more outdated and obsolete than landlines and fax machines.

These journalists need to put their egos aside and reflect on why people these days trust Mocha Uson and private bloggers more than them. These journalists are so out of touch that they don't even know how downgraded their profession has become. People today are smart enough to recognize shit when they see it, even if that shit comes wrapped in the "prestige" of a famous media personality or media brand name or international journalism awards. Audiences are a lot smarter now than they used to be, and it's about time these journalists showed some respect.

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  1. Ito yung article na hinahanap ko. May nakakaintindi din. Salamat sa mag sulat nito at sa mga nagbabasa nito. Masyado na silang obvious na badtrip na ako.

  2. Do not waver friend. The road is long and arduous. Tell us the truth, and you shall be heard.

  3. Para sa mga biased na media at chr tigilan na ang pag gawa ng story telling a lie. Nobody likes you.

  4. The legal minds in the government can NOT even define what is extra-judicial killing, so what's the real fuss all about?

  5. This is it!!! Finally, an alternative to read, now we have a choice, enough with yellow media!

  6. They don't really know know it but ordinary non-drug user are very smart nowadays. This is the age of enlightenment.


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