Let’s Organize for Democracy and Integrity (LODI): a movement founded on hypocrisy by @TonyoCruz

Presumably speaking for his new "movement", Cruz asserts...

Many of us reject the imposition of a Duterte political test on all artists, journalists, bloggers, and other citizens. Yes, this test is used to harass and silence any citizen who questions and depicts events happening in the country. We are instantly accused of being either an addict, a pusher, or terrorist just because we think differently or speak audaciously. In my view, no Filipino should be given any test before being allowed to express ourselves.

Cruz seems to imply that there is some kind of restriction on free speech currently in effect in the Philippines. What is interesting is that he cites the use of labels as a form of curtailing of that right and a "political test" to determine the sort of challenge they expect to cop from people who challenge their views.

The members of this movement should actually rethink inclusion of a hypocrite like Tonyo Cruz in their ranks. Cruz himself is not above summarily labelling people with political tests himself and then proceeding to make baseless claims against them. Indeed, Tonyo Cruz himself makes libelous claims about people and routinely gets away with it. Not good form for a clique of "activists" who screech about "impunity" at every occassion.

Until now, Cruz has yet to prove these accusations. Trouble is, his own clique of like-minded folk too are not above selective evaluation of information. And these morons wonder why the media they supposedly represent in this "movement" have lost all credibility.


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