Dengvaxia 'debate' in the Philippines in 'what aboutism' stalemate due to small-minded focus on personalities

The panic and shrill "debate" around Dengvaxia is just one example of how systemic issues are missed and opportunities to solve them systemically routinely overlooked simply because those involved in said "debate" are too focused on personalities.

COMELEC spox and Tweetizen James Jimenez highlighted the the now-prevalent and fallacious debate style called "what aboutism" which...

...involves charging your accuser with whatever it is you've just been accused of rather than refuting the truth of the accusation made against you. Tu quoque is considered to be a logical fallacy, because whether or not the original accuser is likewise guilty of an offense has no bearing on the truth value of the original accusation.

So rather than the discussion moving forward, the participants are stalemated in a cycle of finger-pointing. No ideas or conceptual foundations are laid to build upon progressively.

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