Duterte government "fascist dictatorship" label being spread on Facebook by possible commie front organisations!

According to certain "progressive" groups like Computer Professionals' Union, Filipinos are living in times of "repression and tyranny". As such, Filipinos need to take heed of a paranoid delusional set of security tips published on their Facebook page.

Of course, this is because, they assert...

Since rising to power as President of the Republic, PRRD’s term has been characterized by an escalating kill count in the name of a bloody War on Drugs [1], the decimation of the city of Marawi [2], continuous attacks on the judiciary and system of checks and balances in government [3], and a general flouting of the rule of law in the name of strongman rule.

As such, the "security tips" they prescribe are designed to prevent sinister state forces from spying on Filioinos' private digital communications and activities.

This is nice if not rather quaint. One wonders whether this is truly a "union" of "computer professionals" or just another front of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

One clue is how they plug a so-called "people’s action on Human Rights Day" which will be held on December 10, 3pm at Boni Shrine.

Another clue lies in their plugging of other Facebook pages -- KARAPATAN Alliance for the Advancement of People's Rights and Altermidya - People's Alternative Media Network -- that have long been suspected of being similar comrades in the communist fronting business on social media.


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