Essayist @ShakiraSison wants EVERY Filipino to be like Bimby Aquino! 😮

A Christmas greeting tweet by "opinion columnist" and essayist Shakira Sison is just so wrong at so many levels.

Merry Christmas! May you be a Bimby in a sea of Sandros and Isabelles. May you be a Shibby protecting Kians. If you are lost, may you be sought and found like an Ica. May you succeed like an Aika, and may you never forget it's your privilege in these times that keeps you alive.🎄

It's no wonder that Philippine society suffers from a culture of mediocrity seeing that counted among the characters Sison put up as her prescribed role models for Filipinos are children of politicians that happen to have the right family name (as in family names that appeal to the Yellowtard sensibilities of her lot). But beyond being born with these "right" family names, Bimby Aquino and Aika Robredo cannot really claim to have achieved anything of consequence, or at least something worthy of being given a place in the personal pedestal of a "two-time Palanca-winning essayist" beyond being an Aquino and a Robredo.

And what's this... a "Shibby protecting Kians" (referring to Shibby de Guzman who was included in TIME Magazine's list of "influential teenagers" for being no more than a street "activist" and to Kian Delos Santos, one of the alleged victims of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's "war on drugs")? It's as if Sison is saying that the police officers and soldiers that are trained with taxpayers' funds and who face death squarely in the eye everyday in the line of duty are not fit to be called out alongside the "heroism" of a millennial who has yet to step out of her chi-chi exclusive private school run by Catholic nuns and into the real world. And we wonder why Filipinos are breeding an entire generation of failure-to-launch temperamental brats.

Rather than encourage Filipinos to be achievers, innovators, and builders, Sison is encouraging them to remain in their comfort zone of prayerful sods being fattened on Starbucks lattes while having their minds turned into tapioca on a dripfeed of iPad apps.


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