Apparently, @RapplerDotCom does satire -- when the joke is on Duterte supporters, that is

Walden Bello does satire. And Rappler publishes it. In his piece Sex at ang DDS, Bello suggests in satire that the Die-hard Duterte Supporters (DDS) community are sexually-motivated to support Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and act upon his wishes.

In his piece, Bello relates a hypothetical interview with a "ka-DDS" who proceeds to describe the unique rush of the experience of being a Duterte supporter...

Tinanong ko siya paano maging isang DDS. Sabi niya, "May magkakatulad kaming karanasan." 
Puwede bang mas maging tiyak at malinaw siya tungkol dito? 
Tumingin muna siya sa paligid bago sinabi, at parang nahihiya pa, "Nag-o-orgasm kami 'pag nakikita si Presidente sa TV."


"I (Bello) asked her how one becomes a DDS member. She said, "We share a common experience." 

Can you be more specific?

She looked around her warily before replying bashfully, "We experience an orgasm when we see the President on TV."

Bello also suggests further down the piece that DDS members fantasize about being in a collective orgy in the presence of Duterte. He also, through his "interviewee" reveals  that DDS members orgasm at the sight of deadly violence...

"Pero meron pa," sabi ng kausap ko. "Naabot namin ang sukdulang kaligayahang seksuwal kapag sinasabi niya sa mga kaaway niya, 'Papatayin ko kayong lahat.'" 
Ibig mong sabihin, natu-turn on kayo dahil sa panawagang pumatay? 
Ngumiti siya, pero nag-iba na ang itsura niya. Hindi na katulad noong simula; may pagbabanta ang kanyang ngiti. "Ngayon alam mo na kung bakit DDS kung tawagin namin ang aming sarili."


"There is more," she said. "We achieve supreme sexual ecstacy when we hear the President tell his enemies, 'I will kill you all'."

Do you mean to tell me you all get turned on by threats to kill?

She smiled but this time in a different, more ominous manner unlike at the start. This time it came across as a threatening smirk. "Now you know why we call ourselves the DDS."

Bello gets to the point at the end of his piece by drawing insight from Mass Psychology of Fascism by Wilhelm Reich (but of course, right?) -- that at the root of every violent movement is a chief fascist who successfully draws out a people's predisposition to bloodlust and channels it towards his personal ends.


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