Inday Espina-Varona (@indayevarona) illustrates how the Philippine Opposition suffers from a curable lack of vision

Opposition "thought leader" Inday Espina-Varona in a piece published on ABS-CBN News summarises two key points around which the rhetoric against "Martial Law extension" seems to be converging into a singularity of cliché-hood...

The extension of Martial Law follows Duterte’s proclamation for the use of draconian anti-terrorism measures on the 70,000-strong Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People’s Army (NPA). 
Both measures are linked to another important thrust of the regime: overhauling the Constitution to concentrate all powers of governance in the hands of one dictator.

First of all, she makes the first point sound like it is a bad thing to go on an all-out military campaign to crush the terrorist New People's Army (NPA). What's wrong with that? Perhaps it could be because Filipinos have long been fooled into thinking having armed bands of killer communists roaming the hinterlands is normal. Well, it isn't. Again, Espina-Varona echoes the same idiotic call of the Opposition to uphold the dysfunctional status quo they consider too sacred to change.

Second, Espina-Varona again insists that Duterte is installing a "dictatorship". How exactly is he doing that? Indeed, his extension of Martial Law was done by the book. Congress approved it following due process. That's being a "dictator"??

Ululations galore.

The Philippine Opposition need to get their act together and ditch these fossils. Filipinos deserve a more intelligent Opposition, not one that is focused on furthering obsolete mindsets and schizophrenic ideologies.


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