Is Noynoy Aquino too "special" to be held accountable for the Dengvaxia debacle?

What makes former president Benigno Simeon 'BS' Aquino III so special that he is widely deemed immune from critical scrutiny. It seems he has legions of apologists who are willing to bend logic and truth to absolve him of astounding lapses in judgement and evasion of accountability.

The latest instance of this is the Dengvaxia debacle that has recently erupted. Various apologists seem to have stepped out of the woodwork to ensure Aquino is protected from the Law. Ironic, right? That irony, of course, flies over the pointed heads of his constituents (a.k.a. the Yellowtards).

The truth cannot be plainer, however. Those who are defending Noynoy and absolving him from any liability for alleged anomalies involving his dengue vaccine program are not working to protect the Filipino people. Their sole purpose is to protect only Noynoy and his mates.

People like Jim Paredes, Randy David, Hilbay and others who try to protect Noynoy from the latest scam involving dengue vaccine rolled out during his term allegedly using unapproved funds are covering up his crimes against the Filipino people. They are a disgrace.

The lastest news makes things even more clear, the World Health Organisation (WHO) had not issued any recommendation to use Dengvaxia at the time it was approved for mass use by the Philippines' Department of Health (DOH) in 2016...

In a statement, WHO said such recommendation was not included in its position paper released in July last year. 
"WHO's position on the dengue vaccine was published in July 2016, based on recommendations of the strategic group of experts on immunisation which met and published preliminary advice in mid-April 2016," WHO said. 
It added, "The WHO position paper did not include a recommendation to countries to introduce the dengue vaccine into their national immunization programs."

The important question is now the most obvious one: WHO needs to be held accountable?


  1. It is clear that the Aquino Administration is accountable for the purchased and the implementation of the vaccine effective March, 2016 even without the recommendation of WHO.

    1. I couldn't agree more. I've been called everything for saying that.


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