Attempt to incite fear of Philippine Army by ANAKBAYAN on Facebook jeered and ridiculed by Netizens! 😃

A photo of a military truck spotted at a University of the Philippines campus was posted by commie "activist" group Anakbayan on their Facebook page along with this quaint caption...

Military truck spotted going around UP this afternoon. Military troops inside the University signal an intensifying terror threat, intimidation and surveillance of students fighting against a looming dictatorship. These are the very same people militarizing Lumad communities, killing peasants leaders and national minorities, harassing progressive leaders standing for their democratic rights. There is no space in the University for murderers and human rights violators like them! 
The youth shall fight and stand with the people!
Fight state fascism! Overthrow the US-Duterte dictatorship! 

Evidently, the response to this post was not something these commies expected. The following comment to this photo provides a sample of the general flavour of responses this ill-thought-out post attracted...

Are you serious? You’re afraid of Filipino soldiers patrolling the streets? How are they a threat to society in this photo? You’re instilling fear of them instead of respect. Give respect to whom it is due. “Nothing to fear but fear itself.”

And this...

Putang ina pinaaral kayo nang magulang ninyo para magkaroon kayo nang magandang kinabukasan. Wala naman kayong mapapala kapag sumapi kayo sa NPA. Kayo lahat mamatay at Jomar Sison nagpapakasarap sa abroad.

[Translated: "You sonuvabitches, your parents sent you to university in the hope that you'd see a great future ahead of you. There's nothing to gain from joining the New People's Army (NPA). You all die while your leader Joma Sison lives a comfy life abroad."]


  1. Joma sison enjoying his life abroad and tellibg his blind followers that he is a true loyal filipino.makabayan. only idiots follow an idiot leader.
    True.your parebts struggling ti work hard in order for you to have a good future. And what are you doing? Spendibg your time fighting for a belief which is communism.SHAME TO ALL young people who never consider the hardwork of their parents there will be no future for you is the most heartache a parents will have.knowing your beloved daughter/son is doing is wasting their future.

  2. Not only the parents. UP is a government institution supported by our TAXES! Kaya kung ayaw nilang mag-aral, there are other more deserving and more serious students who serious to finish their education to take their place.

  3. ...and it’s time to fire professors who incite rebellion

  4. You all commies, go to north korea!!! Wag kayo dito sa Pilipinas maging tanga at baliw sa gusto nyong paniwalaan. Mga wala kayong pangarap para umunlad ang bayan. Sobra nyong pasamain ang imahe ng mga sundalo, bakit, may nagawa na ba kayo para sagipin at ipagtanggol ang mga kababayan natin?? Puro kayo US-"presidente ng pilipinas" lahat na lang, pasista sa inyo! Mga gago! Yung amo nyong nagpapaikot sa inyo, anong tawag nyo don? Diyos?? Mga hunghang kayo. Ayaw namin maging komunista, don kayo sa north korea mga putangina nyo!!

  5. Palala sa mga nakakalimot ... Sino ang totoong terorista?? si Du30, o SI JOMA SISON?


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