Davao City mall fire that killed 36 call centre workers should not be politicised

As we come to terms with the awful tragedy of the fire in a Davao City mall that killed 36 call centre employees, let us try to make this about the victims and the things and events that led to this accident. Davao City is, of course, the hometown of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and his family. It seems that this fact is being used by Opposition "activists" as a point to rally further vilification of the current Duterte government.

Nobody wants bad things like this to happen. But there is, of course, a need to investigate whether certain people were in a position or possessed knowledge that would've been useful to prevent this tragedy but did not use that position not acted on that knowledge. This is what the focus should be on: finding out what could be learned to help reduce the risks of accidents like this happening again and holding to account people who could have prevented it but didn't out of neglect or carelessness.

There is a time for political debate and there is a time for more thoughtful reflection on what it means to be a modern society of people who take their responsibilities to the community seriously. No amount of politics nor legislation will turn the Philippines into such a society.


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