Leila De Lima the 'brains' of the Philippine Senate according to @ftHilbay

According to former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay, De Lima accounts for significant "intellectual weight" in the Philippine Senate...

The question then is, what contribution to the Senate has De Lima so far delivered. During her stint as head of the Commission on Human Rights, she seems to have not made any significant breakthrough in the "cause".

A senator's intellectual added value is measured on legislation crafted. Obviously, De Lima has yet to deliver on that. Perhaps had she not prioritised her grandstanding and Drama Queen act at the start of her stint in the Senate and, instead, focused on implementing her legislative agenda (if she actually had one, that is), then perhaps she would have been able to categorically proven her worth.

That's probably not gonna happen now and she will simply need to depend on the graces extended to her by a, so far, sympathetic media.

What a waste indeed.


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