The Yellowtards don't get it yet. Filipinos DO NOT want a return to the status quo!

The reason the Opposition continues to lose ground is because the fail to put forth a new and compelling narrative. Take this ululation, for example...

Apart from insisting that Duterte stinks, what exactly is this bozo trying to say that makes a case for an alternative point of view or, more importantly, an alternative pathway?


This sort of moronic thinking is a microcosm of the deeper intellectual bankruptcy that ails the Opposition. Beyond an appeal to emotion, there really is nothing the Opposition offers the Filipino people beyond the sacred status quo of the Yellowtards who lead them.

This, amazingly, is the very status quo that is the root cause behind their loss of an entire an entire nation in 2016. It seems that this obvious insight is lost on the vacuous sensibilities of the Yellowtards.

The broader Philippine Opposition community should ditch the Yellowtards and purge their ranks of the obsolete memetic disease they propagate. The only really clear thing today is that Filipinos don't want a return to the status quo. Trouble is, the status quo is the only thing on offer as far as the Yellowtards are concerned.


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