#MartialLaw... A message to Yellowtards following another EPIC FAIL to gratify their sense of entitlement

Before you Yellowtards go on another tililing rampage after not getting your bratty way, get a load of some of this grownup insight first.

The results are out! Senate approves martial law extension. Vote results:

• Yes - 14
• No - 4
• Abstention - 0

Olats na naman ang mga Yellowtard. Really you guys in the Opposition, you really need to rethink the whole strategy of allowing yourselves to be led by the Yellowtards. You are all fast losing ground and losing time.

Don't be too hard on Congress. They represent the Filipino people, after all. They were elected to their seats by popular vote, remember? Last we recall, what is popular wins in a democracy.

And, to top that off, sink your teeth into this important fact...

Joint sitting of Congress convened, deliberated and voted as per constitution to extend #MartialLaw in Mindanao for 1 year with no pork barrel offered or intimidation exerted by the administration. Yes this is the end of democracy and rule of law #sarcasm

This is what is really baffling about you Yellowtards. You are supposedly champions of a system you keep claiming to own. Here is this system at work, guys and gays. Own it.


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