Admins of Facebook page Silent No More PH cross the line in attack against Isabelle Duterte

The Facebook page Silent No More PH may have crossed the line and may already be bullying Isabelle Duterte (granddaughter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte). In a recent post on Facebook, a photo of Isabelle is shown defaced by what appears to be the image of a placard hung around her neck with the words "Adik sa luho huwag tularan".

Facebook defines cyberbullying as...

...abusive or harassing behavior online, which includes sending or posting text or images that are intended to hurt or embarrass another person. A common misperception of cyberbullying is that it only affects teens. In fact, adults adopt cyberbullying behavior just as easily as young people.

This is behaviour that should not be tolerated.


  1. Silent No More should be censured and silenced by Facebook.

    1. Pero pag sila ang kasuhan, paawa-awa epek sila (see Jover, Saba lady, CJ Mermaid, etc.).

  2. Punta nalang sa simbahan doon mag photo shot kasi mas gusto nila sa simbahan nagmumukhang santo kasi


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