Bad taste: Opposition "activists" politicise even Jesus Christ's crucifixion, label his death an "EJK" 😮

The caption on the Facebook post on the Interaksyon page that accompanies the photo reads...

On the eve of Human Rights Day, a crucifix bears the sign "Stop the killings" in Baclaran Church. This afternoon, rights advocates will cover the INRI sign with a cardboard that reads, "Wag tularan," depicting Jesus Christ as an EJK victim. 

Putting aside the bad taste underlying the politicisation of the crucifix, it is also interesting to note that crucifixion was perfectly legal under the Roman Empire and was "an established form of execution in the Roman Empire long before Jesus's birth".

"In Republican Rome, 1st Century BC Rome, it is a standard and degrading form of punishment," says Beard, a classical historian at Cambridge University.

And, the "Roman emperor Constantine, a Christian, banned crucifixion in the 4th Century AD. More than 1,000 years later...".

Filipinos need to be a bit more critical in the way they evaluate the drivel fed to them by the "thought leaders" they revere. It does not take much to google reliable sources of information and check the facts involved. Facts matter after all.

(Photo source: Gang Badoy)


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