Martial Law Extension outrage fad grips Imperial Manila crybabies but Mindanaoans look with hope to the future!

Filipino "activists" who are on a rampage over the approved extension of Martial Law in Mindanao like to talk about the "constitutional merits" (or demerits as the case may be from their perspective) of this development. At the end of the day, however, it comes down to whose ululations go the most viral. You can see this prevailing attitude amongst the vacuous key members of the Opposition in this recent one from "investigative journalist" Raissa Robles...

Such presumptuous pomposity. It's no wonder Mindanaoans are livid over how citizens of Imperial Manila remain beholden to their self-appointed expertise on what's good for Mindanao...

Right now we don’t need history lessons, we need solutions. Martial law is the only solution being presented to us, and instead of giving alternatives those critical of the move are simply indulging in the thrill of being outraged. 
We here in Mindanao try our best to understand. It would be best if those in Manila try to understand us too.

Indeed, simply put, bozos like Robles are merely indulging the current outrage fad of the moment as with the other players in this game. In an article published on The Diplomat, Leftist "activist" Mong Palatino illustrates how the commies are just as inclined to play media hardball as any other group involved in the national discourse...

Officially, the terror tag is yet to be confirmed by a local court, which is required under the law. But Duterte has already directed the Department of Foreign Affairs to publish the designation of the CPP-NPA as a terrorist organization. 
As expected, the CPP-NPA reciprocated by denouncing Duterte as a terrorist accused of killing more than 10,000 drug suspects. It described Duterte as a sham socialist who is subservient to the dictates of oligarchs and foreign powers.

Well that's the game it seems, isn't it? This, after all, is a world where ideological wars are won and lost on the Internet. It then becomes all about whose claim is more popular. The commies need to see, in that sense, just how ludicrous the notion of a terrorist organisation such as the NPA calling an incumbent government a "terrorist" is. That's not gonna earn them a whole lot of "Likes" on Facebook anytime soon.

Historical "contexts" and "parallels" are currency for pontification amongst Imperial Manila folk. In Mindanao, what is relevant is the present and, more importantly, the future.


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