Pia Wurtzbach dreams of having a stereotypical "beki" gay child who could be her "best friend"

A disturbing statement issued by former Ms Universe Pia Wurtzbach reveals her rather archaic notions of what it means to be gay.

"And gusto kong ma-experience iyong mayroon [anak akong] excited na bihisan ako, ayusan ako, alagaan ako — parang magiging best friend ko . . . Nai-imagine ko na iyong anak ko magiging best friend ko beki siya."

Translated: "I want to experience having a child who will be excited to dress and glam me up; take care of me -- someone who could be my best friend..."

For one thing, not all gay people are fashionistas or "beki" in character. "Beki" is a Filipino colloquial term for homosexual. Interestingly while this definition may hold true one way, it does not necessarily follow the other way; i.e., not all homosexuals are "beki" in manner. There are many gay people who don't see their sexual orientation as a pillar of their character or sense of identity. These people see themselves as a person who just happens to be gay. No big deal.

And, second, raising a child isn't necessarily about maintaining a best friendship with them. It is about raising them to be independent and productive citizens of society. That often means not winning the "most popular parent" award in your kid's book.

Celebrities. They seem to subtract from humanity's collective intelligence with every word they utter.


  1. how self-consumed, UGHHH!

  2. One other disturbing thing about this is that she wants to decide on her child's sexual orientation, instead of letting him or her make it themselves. Something like "I want my child to be gay." That is perhaps the authoritarian tendency of Filipino parenthood rearing its ugly head again.


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