"Thought leaders" of the "disente" mob express regret over their support for the Corona Impeachment Scam of 2012

This is the whole trouble with basing an argument, an advocacy, or a position on a critical national issue on personal loyalties. Regret is a bitch, but it takes a bit of courage to actually admit one's error in judgment as Mr Leloy Claudio did on Twitter...

To the credit of some high-profile members of the "disente" cliques, some long-overdue soul-searching and reflection may already be underway.

Thing is, a lot of what is being reflected upon were, in fact, readily-evident at the time. But they were ignored in favour of the popular sentiment of the time. The trouble is, the wrong arguments tend to win in the midst of the traditional emotionalism that tends to envolop most national issues in the Philippines as they transpire.

Just the same, the fact remains. A man unjustly accused and tried by an administrative perversion in 2012 is now dead. The engineers of the criminal funding mechanism used to bribe the "senator-judges" who comprised this institutional perversion remain at large.

Where is the justice? It remains to be seen whether these token reflections will yield any actionable insights to be carried forth into the future by these venerable "thought leaders".


  1. They are only regretting because of the precedent that it set (impeachment of a sitting SJ) and not because of the injustice to Corona, the bribery of the senator-judges and the made up bank totals courtesy of the Ombudsman.

    1. totally agree...the present impeachment on cjsereno is biting them in the ass and they're crying foul


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