Anti-Duterte sentiment borne out of arrogance rather than genuine love of country

Late night realizations (aka distractions while I'm supposed to be working):

The day before yesterday, I posted a sarcastic status on Mocha Uson and the hypocrites who wanted to shut down her page. Because it wasn't straightfoward, so many of her supporters came at me and bashed me and messaged me because they thought I was calling for the suspension of Mocha's page.(Actually some people are still messaging me now because they don't get it still). It was overwhelming in volume and emotion--and I thought I was passionate, LOL.

While there were many jolog posts, and yes death wishes that bordered on inane and stupid, although never seriously dangerous (a favorite refrain seemed to be 'Magbigti ka na lang,' but never 'Aabangan kita at papatayin') I couldn't help but compare the "hate" from her supporters with the hate I see from the anti Duterte forces.

The hate from Mocha's supporters were inextricably laced with frustration and rage. It was the kind of hate that violently lashed out, the kind of hate that seemed to emanate so very deeply from them. Very, "Putang ina, ano ba ang gusto n'yong mangyari? Ano ba, di ko na kaya. Gusto nyo agawin na lang lahat sa amin! Pati ba naman ito pakikialam nyo pa!" I had a lot of messages that echoed this sentiment. "Ano ba ang ginagawa nyo para mapabuti ang Pilipinas? Stupida ka, kung ayaw mo magbasa, i unfollow mo. Bayaran! Dilaw!"
It was hate that was bursting at the seams, hate that threatens to swallow you whole. It was rage. the kind that starts rebellions and mutiny.

But as soon as they realized I was on their side, the rage quickly diffused. As in, "Ay, sorry po, ma'm bobo po kasi ako mag English." After ranting on PMs, they would come back hours later, effusively apologizing, "Ma'am sorry, hanggang Grade 6 lang po ako, kakampi ka po pala" or "Sorry po wala po kasi akong data."

Itong mga taong ito, walang ego. Walang kailangang patunayan. Ang bilis mag sorry. Mababa ang tingin sa sarili.

As a Duterte supporter, I've also had come across many rants from people who are  anti-Duterte. In fact, some of them are splashed on my Timeline, dripping with the hate that stems from pure arrogance. It's hate that's hard to fathom if you were not born entitled, if you were not born privileged to believe you are better or you know better. It's hate dripping with contempt, with disgust. These are people who simply refuse to see the good in this government. At all.

Two days ago, 11 Abu Sayyaf rebels surrendered to the government. I don't think this has happened in PNoy's time. No word from them. The Lawin relief ops were fairly successful. No word from them. China releases billions in aid, they find something bad to say about it (as if hindi tayo lubog sa utang.)

Where true-blue Dutertards are fanatics, anti Duterte people are elitists--certainly not in wealth, (most of them are middle class snobs with elitist aspirations), but in ideals, lording it over the "ignorant," showing off their intellect, their mastery of the English language, anything they think puts them above the common Filipino.

Their hatred is not pure. Not in a "I will fight for my beliefs" pure. Their hatred is, "Oh my God, he is so bobo and I can't believe I have to be under his Presidency for six more years. oh my gosh. Can somebody kill him already?"

It's hands-off hatred, the kind you cannot mobilize to EDSA 3. It's hatred that's all posturing and removed from realities, like: "Gago, ibinenta na tayo sa China. Ano to, from one Imperialist to another?" Full of kuda. (Gusto mong sabihin, "Kuya, pag nag giyera ba with China sa kaka encourage mong kalabanin ang China, willing ka bang mag volunteer?" Tapos alam mong hindi kasi duwag. Hindi daw giyera ang solusyon. Kuya sayo hindi. Eh sa China?)

Ang hatred ng anti-government people, smirking, bullying, antagonizing. May nalalaman pang, "Don't drink the Kool Aid." Very pop culture ang hugot at references. LOL. Feeling-feelingan.  (Kuya, no Kool Aid for me.  I know you're going to be hypertensive for the next six years, and I know ampalaya helps bring down your BP. But wag masyadong magkakain ng ampalaya at sobrang bitter ka na po.) 

All in all, bale hindi ko na alam kung ano ang punto ko sa post na to. LOL.

All I want to say is, in a very weird way, I appreciated the bashing I got from that Mocha post, because it was an eye-opener for me. I always knew that the Filipino was one abuse away from a real revolution, but I didn't know just how much until I heard it myself, directed at me. Ibang klase ang pagpipigil. Ibang klase ang pagpuyos ng galit.  Something cracked in the common man's psyche.

I've always maintained that as a last resort, the Filipino, as National Artist for Literature F Sionil Jose said, is ripe for a revolution. One we skipped as a nation. The only reason that the powers that be,  even with the money poured to make the destabilization happen, find it hard to dislodge Duterte is that they didn't count on the rabid support of the masa. And it's not masa as in CDE strata, but masa from class A to E.

Duterte's presidency will be rife with conflict because, as one of the best writers once said, real change can not happen without turning things upside down, inside out.  This change you cannot stop. It's too late, actually.

One rage consumes, it doesnt let up, hence the overspill in passion; the other is hatred punctuated by selfies, food posts, snarky comments designed to make them sound superior.  (Pansinin nyo)

My realization? All that condescending, belittling, haughty hate the opposition  "feels"? No match, no match at all for the blind rage burning in the hearts of the Filipino patriots.

Krizette Laureta Chu as posted on Facebook.


  1. well said and explained.. plain TRUE.. for all elitestang patay gutom with crab and beggar mentality basahin at intindihin nyo mabuti ang mensahe for your own sake.. ��

  2. Mam Krizette you were right. Suggestion lang naman, I think you should talk or comment NO plain straight English kaya mag"Taglish" po kayo for us the masa will understand you very well. Censya na po. Gobless.

  3. I saw that incident few days ago. You also said "Di ko alam kung maiiyak ako o matatawa"

    Yap, I also noticed how quickly they reacted on the first few sentences alone.

    The country needs more broadminded bloggers like you.

    God Bless the Philippines. God Bless President Duterte.

  4. Thank you Ma'am... its a very beautiful piece.


  6. It's true! You cannot stop the hatred of Filipinos that's been abused. An African I work with asked me, "what's wrong with your President?", I simply said, he just don't want to be a puppet. Anyway, I love your statement of middle class aspiring to be elites...hahaha aliw! I have college friends who act like that kung naka comment kala mo mamamatay na sila dahil minura ni Duterte si Obama at aalis na Ang mga BPOs whereas doon sila nag wo work....sus! Do you really think these businessmen will leave just because of that and will spend more for operating expense dahil minura si Obama? Much worse here, tinatapakan nila ang US flag just to show their disgust to the government

  7. ang sarap lang basahin ng post na nakkaintindi ng hinaing mo. Especially when you're in the process of inhaling and exhaling for in your purpose of explaining to a friend who posted a whine about President's "befriend-ing China", and cutting off US ties, he called him "stupid". I actually was always anti-Aquino, and never believed the agenda of succeeding Presidents until Aquino again, i never go down histories for my own being "Marcos Loyalist" to Duterte Loyalist, it's just seems factual to be loyal to leaders who showed support and well-respected, cursing or not, but they're more tactician on negotiations, they win on aiming their goals and that's only for the benifits of the people. Marcos, in my belief never did wrong, with his many infrastructures built, how can still he be able to corrupt, compare to the next governments who ruled to the country when they corrupt, they never did anything to improve the life of the Filipinos!

  8. I can't agree with this.

    It's true that over the top hatred can be as being a blind sheep follower. It's an ad hominem to just brush these views away by saying they are arrogant and nothing more. Some of that criticism is legitimate. His lack of decorum in public really has to stop as well as his embarrassing manner of dealing wth international politics. These people care about our country's international reputation (as if it wasn't already negative). I'm not anti-Duterte per se, I can see why some people support him. And heck let's give him credit for a number of social policies he has implemented and changes he has made in only a few months. No president has made an impact on crime in the way Duterte has. I don't there's anything reasonable in this blog post to shun legitimate criticism of his administration in as much as we should acknowledge the positive things he has done for our country.


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