Reaction to DLSU president "inviting" students to wear black in the ADMU-DLSU game

It's really UNFAIR, La Salle, that you would expect all of your alumni to wear black to the game.

You taught us to think for ourselves. You taught us the value of fighting for our beliefs! And yet you caved in and, ironically, imposed a dictatorial rule ("invite", fine, but the schoolgirl in me says when your school "invites" you to do something, you better do it.)

Because of that, I will stop contributing funds to the alumni office, I will withdraw my financial backing of the basketball team, I will not help in any fundraising activities moving forward. I am so disappointed that you made sports political.

Ok, fine, I've never done any of the above and haven't watched a basketball game since graduating, but if I did, I would stop contributing.

Ano ba. So elitista.

Krizette Laureta Chu as posted on Facebook.



  2. Tsk Tsk tsk... Very shameful!


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