Philippine Daily Inquirer treading dangerous line publishing insinuations rather than real news

“Journalists” with an agenda, and a proposition to peddle along the masses. This is nothing new. It is called Yellow journalism (nothing to do with the Liberal Party official colors of course), but this form of journalism was pioneered by the likes of William Randolph Hearst (the man who ran Hearst Publications and who produced a newspaper back then during the Spanish-American War that drummed up the war fever and incited Americans to do just that: initiate and conduct war against the Spanish)…

When the supposed “watchdogs of society” incite the populace to rebel and conduct black propaganda against the current leadership, aren’t they the ones responsible for destroying the policies being espoused by the current administration which is supposedly geared for the welfare of the entire nation? The Philippine Daily Inquirer is treading some dangerous lines here… and one that may come to a head with the very government itself some time soon.

They’ll soon discover that there is a limit to these insinuations that they continue to broadcast via their vast publication machine. And they’ll be screaming blood for the supposed end of “free speech” when government cracks down on them. Something that government won’t tolerate anymore. And they’ll find themselves on a short leash. Keep treading that line Inquirer, you’re about to throw yourselves off a cliff.

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