To understand where Duterte is coming from, go back to where he came from

Guys, please read about political socialization. Our president is from Mindanao.  He is shaped by Mindanao. If only the US would bother checking who messed up, BIGTIME, right? Think about it!

A mayor throughout his life. He is not part of the famous or known Filipino oligarchs. He does not have relationships with them save those rich families from Davao. Duterte is middle class. Yes, he studied in Ateneo and San Beda. Yes, he has rough edges. So rough we often twitch but he was elected. Our respective candidates were not.

Would they be any better? Could they beat the 100 Days of Duterte? Can they explain better? Would we be better off with any of the losers? Nope! The presidency is not the art speculation but of real accomplishments. Fire and hot iron and sweat, a lot of it.

Duterte is foul mouthed and all. A kick your ass straight shooter.  Damn, why cant he be the stereotypical Filipino president!  We see him often.  Too often.  He is not an MIA president.  He does not hide behind the hydras who can't communicate.  He is hands on.  Too hands on.

Check his house and ask: Have we had a president who stays in such a house? Have we had a president who relishes eating in turo turos? How I wished I was alive when President Ramon Magsaysay was our leader. Then we can point to a certain model. Then again was Magsaysay a free mandate?

My generation came with Marcos in our formative years until college.  Unlike my parents, they had several presidents. Mine were Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, Macapagal-Arroyo, Aquino III or a total of 30 years. Marcos was for 18 years. Tell me, should I support an unconstitutional removal of a sitting president? Why should I?

Duterte thinks in Bisaya, translates it to English and Tagalog and so what do we get in terms of communications? Not presidential, di ba? Magulo di ba? And he tries so hard to explain to all of us. Mahirap, di ba?

Listen to him. Magulo daw but he carries the same messages in every event live streamed. He tries to explain and educate us.  Just this afternoon, he was in Cagayan, an LP territory with a very close barkada of BSA3 sitting as governor.  Did Duterte asked him to go down the stage? He did not.  In fact, Duterte conferred with him.  Gov. Mamba was onstage.  DSWD Sec. Judy Taguiwalo is there and she has been holding the fort as Lawin lashed. Mabuhay po kayo Sec. Taguiwalo!

Give them space.  Let them work. And if we just focus on the work at hand, we just might get to where we want to be, right? Tigilan na natin ang ouster. Ang mayayaman lang ang panalo dyan. Talo tayo lahat.

I am not a pro-Duterte. But he is the president of my country. #ProPH.

Malou Tiquia as posted on Facebook.


  1. You and the whole get real Philippines are in total denial: you are so proud DU30 that you are blind from it...

    1. Wag ka maging bulag pipi at bingi..pakiramdaman mo sarili mo.baka ikaw na ang na bubulagan..

    2. I could have said the same thing about you and your cohorts who are anti-Duterte. in total denial.

  2. We're not in total denial we just happened to open our eyes and saw the big difference,the changes he has made in so short a time and so we wonder that in all probabilities he will make our country a better Philippines that no one probably in our lifetime could have ever done in just six years time.So kudos to our beloved president.He deserved the support of all Filipinos not only those who voted for him in the last election!!!!


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