Duterte must step up to command responsibility

To be fair, we should apply the same principle of command responsibility to President Duterte as we did with BS Aquino, his predecessor. While it has yet to be proven that Duterte himself had a hand in the so-called extra-judicial killings, ultimately, as the highest government official in the land, responsibility will ultimately fall on him. However, if I remember correctly, he has already beaten his opponents to the punch on this one.

How did his predecessor fare, with regard to command responsibility? Quite simply, he assumed none of it. To his minions, he was never wrong until the very end. That position is well-represented in blogs such as Get Real Post.

I don’t think it is actually the point of the “opposition” to prove in court, beyond all reasonable doubt, that the EJK’s are Duterte’s doing, but that’s another story. The opposition’s apparent aim is just to obstruct him enough to make him not only uncomfortable, to the point that he will just give up, but ineffective. The word that comes to mind is the Japanesegaman-kurabe (我慢比べ), which means “test of endurance.”

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