DECS should investigate politically-motivated coercion practices of the Ateneo and De La Salle administrations

The yellows know they don’t have the numbers, so they tried to hijack a university basketball game and use the crowd to paint an illusion.

This is a new low even for the yellow high priests of the academe.

To Father Villarin of Ateneo and Brother Broughton of De La Salle:

Your job as educators is to teach your students to think for themselves, not brainwash them into becoming blind followers of your personal beliefs.

The directives you issued “encouraging” your students to wear black to protest a jumble of issues from EJKs to the Marcos burial in Libingan ng mga Bayani is no less than abuse of power. You were using your position and authority over your students to promote your own political views.

Thank God most of your students are smarter than you, and refused to take your directive seriously, as seen here:

Call for solidarity 'unheeded' as fans keep colors for Ateneo-La Salle game

Du30 fans fistbump at the game!

Good number of Ateneo, La Salle fans ignore 'Wear Black' call, say politics, sports mustn't mix

Many of those who wore black at the game actually did so only by coincidence. But you anticipated that, didn’t you? You chose black, instead of yellow, precisely because black is one of the most common colors that people wear. You even had the all-encompassing phrase “black garments or black clothing accessories” in your memo so you can claim that anyone who wore black shoes or had a black bag at the game supports your position. You are truly desperate.

You are behaving exactly like the friars who oppressed Ateneo alumnus Jose Rizal for disagreeing with their beliefs. What next? Are you going to start flunking students who write anything pro-Duterte in their essays? Are you not showing the same dictatorial tendencies that you condemned Marcos for? What sheer hypocrisy.

The DECS should set guidelines to protect students from this kind of inappropriate and indirect coercive behavior by university officials. Even if these are private schools, they have no right to suppress the right of their students to free speech and free expression.

Parents send their children to college to get an education, not to get brainwashed by agents of the yellow cult masquerading as priests and professors. Any institution that is pretending to be a school but is actually teaching students to become yellow fanatics should have its DECS accreditation suspended, so parents are not swindled out of their hard-earned tuition money.

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  1. 1. It's actually not called DECS anymore.
    2. Coercion? LOL

  2. I did not go to either school. I earned my college degree abroad (reasonably prestigious university) on a scholarship. But never in my alma mater's 200-year history did they politicize a sporting event. But I suppose "universities" here think they're better. Duh.

  3. the shouldnt be an instrument to politicize the students and the parents or any of their staff!

  4. mga siraulo yang mga pari na yan. sila din ang may kagagawan kung bakit maraming catholic ang nahahatak ng ibang religion. mga padre damaso of modern times. mga bwisit...

  5. How is this different from schools encouraging their students and staff from protesting and rallying during EDSA 2 or The Pork Barrel Scam rally a few years back?

    Unless you and GRP, were upset about those two which I am sure was not the case, at least for the latter, then you have no argument otherwise it just makes you and the site hypocrites.

  6. These modern day father Damaso's are frantically doing all actions (even illegal and shameful) just to please the Kultong Dilaw assholes)

  7. Ever heard of UP and the First Quarter Storm? The Diliman Republic? What would Philippine democracy be like if political and social thought and action were not fermented in the universities? How about the students and teachers of Sorbonne in Paris who protestes due to police invasion of the university in 1968? How about South Korean universities' history of social action?

  8. They are supposed to be Christian universities, their professors teaching Christian values of love,charity, understanding, forgiveness, not to say justice and all the values of as taught by the preacher from Galilee. They are stoking anger and hate against the political enemies of the Yellow Cult led by the Aquinos and their oligarchs. They are playing into the hands of the communists.


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