Mocha Uson's detractors need to grow some balls - and some boobs!

20,000 signatures gathered. Mocha's FB Page days are numbered so said the petitioners.

These dimwits missed the fact that she has 4,000,000+ followers. Go gather 3,980,000+ more before you even try to curtail her freedom of speech.

Such a pathetic, stupid move, really.


What can't kill Mocha will make her stronger. Your thoughtless action will only lead to the multiplication (in number & in strength) of Mocha & her supporters.

Now, if you really wanna beat her or achieve even a quarter of her influence, here are some tips:

Stop impressing people w/ your gobbledygook. Start writing in people's language.

If you are a journo and want to remain a journo, then stick to facts. Adhere to your code of ethics--otherwise, stop wearing that "press" badge. Stop pretending. Start taking a stand (whichever side you're in).

Grow some balls--and some boobs, if you can!


Start caring for people, for real. Listen to their supplications. Feel their sufferings. Then start writing. From the heart. From your soul. With nothing but sincere, noble intentions.

Only then can you connect with people.

Only then can you command respect.


[CT to MOCHA USON BLOG for the image]

MJ Quiambao Reyes as posted on Facebook.


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