Australian ties with China a model for Philippine foreign policy

Living in Australia has given me the advantage of learning multiple viewpoints of other countries’ geopolitics. Australia for one has major economic ties with Beijing.

Our former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, was even fluent in Mandarin and was especially close with China in many regards in the past and this hasn’t affected or influenced Australia to go “red” because Australia is its own independent nation with its own independent foreign policy and following mostly a British type of political system, which I even think is far better than the U.S. presidential type.

Now, I believe what Duterte decided for our country has made much more sense because we’re also even more in close proximity to be able to obtain materials available; to establish more infrastructure projects and develop other areas in other industries to benefit us in the long run. China’s communism is really just this facade. I believe they are even a little more Far right wing in economics and even some in social aspects especially how they don’t exactly much regard for workers’ rights in their factories. Their culture I guess supersedes more than sticking closely to a particular modern ideology born out of the Industrial revolution.

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