Leni Robredo struggles to find meaningful use for herself in Duterte's government

Robredo’s constant demeanor reminds me of a hopeless wallflower invited to a school dance by some powerful/popular friends to act as a decoy while they go setup the pig’s blood on the stage to splash whoever was unlucky enough to earn their ire. Totally clueless as to what the hell she’s doing in that place; bumping off people trying to make herself likable and significant but only coming off as more annoying and insufferable as she continues in that trajectory.

One senses she does not like the role she grudgingly took even before the elections when she was chosen as a buffer for the uber-unlikable Roxas until her supposed “win” of the VP post her ‘silent’ benefactors have helped her secure. Every time she gives out these media pronouncements you’d think there’s a whole lot of head-scratching involved in her part as goes out of the room to carry out her bosses’ orders. Just put a thought balloon on her saying “What the hell have I gotten myself into?” in every one of her photos and the whole picture is complete.

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  1. When you are part of hiding the truth as to what really happened to Jesse Robredo ..... then that is another thing ..... Conscience kicks in, and that is really bad.

  2. I think she been trap, Now all the problem about drugs and the involvement of the previous admin official's bothering her now.. Especially the death of her husband. She know something about it but she been blinded bcoz of money and power.

  3. She's "elected" as the vice president of this republic, but hey can some one remind me.if she has done something already for the people of this country. Shame her late husband was a good man.


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