First World observers criticise the Philippines and its police thru the lens of an alien cultural context

To our 1st-World Critics:

A few days ago, one of our youngest police officers at age 23 was shot dead while trying to serve a warrant of arrest. He wasn't just a Police officer, he was also a Christian youth minister. He was shot to death by the drug peddler before he could even speak. He was laid to his final resting place last Sunday, leaving a wife and family. We have lost many good men in this fight.

The context of drug addiction in a 1st world country is a far cry from a country like ours. Most substance dependents in a first world country become depressed, most substance dependents in our country become destructive criminals, raping even infants, killing even their own kins in ways you would not think a human being is capable of, shooting and stabbing passersby in broad day light.

Allow us to remind you too that we have 700,000-plus ALIVE drug related surrenders and arrests. Let me reiterate... they're all ALIVE. Why? They didn't try to kill the arresting officer.

As to these cardboards, if you so easily bought the idea that our police force who studied 8 years to be in the service are extremely stupid to kill people and implicate themselves by putting a tag on their victims, you are way too gullible. These are the drug cartels cleaning up their own ranks of possible squealers. And the police force are after them too. As for corrupt policemen, many of them including high ranking generals have been relieved from service and are now under trial.

While your intention and concern is appreciated, all you are truly doing is supporting the corrupt career politicians here who are working to oust the only Filipino President who goes against the tide of this corrupt and drug-coddling system.

Watch the movie Sully, it shows you that people who claim to be experts on something but don't really go to ground operations have a tendency to get it wrong when trying to interpret the reality of these human encounters.

Plus our culture in speaking is different from each other. If you measure everything you hear by your own culture, you'd be like measuring heat using a ruler.

Thank you for your concern. But we understand our own problem better than most of you onlookers do. Salamat po.

Ruther M. Urquia as posted on Facebook.


  1. As an American I applaud all you are doing to rid your country of drugs and crime and corruption. There will always be those trying to tell you how to do this or that. It is your country not theirs. it is my hope to move there shortly and raise a family in a peaceful place. God bless you and those who are giving their lives for their country in this effort.

    1. We thanked you for a very understanding comments. We hope all other nationalities will think like you do. Also to include those Filipinos who are narrow minded that in this fight lives will be waisted if they opposed.

  2. All you stated are all fact, i could not say anymore, our country niw is fighting some ghost enemies hiding in the shadows. I fear if this is not resolved the soonest we will all fall down because of the fact that the popular medias here in the philippines are helping to destroy the image of our country and our beloved president.

  3. we are the citizens of the philippines and we will not, i repeat, we will not let our president fail....


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