Why are Filipinos so stupid when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle?

Every time I am out on the roads I see the WORST driving I have ever seen in the world. I tell everyone that while Filipinos might know how to make the vehicle move, they certainly cannot DRIVE.

They pull into a giant, empty parking lot and rather than turn around INSIDE the parking lot, they BACK into traffic. How stupid is that? The answer is, “It is Pinoy stupid.”

Down the street from my house is a giant house with a pull through driveway and 2 gates. Just a couple days ago as I walked past, somebody opened the gate and directed a car out as it backed into the street. The gate was open and I had a clear view of an empty drive almost the size of a basketball court, so why on earth did the asshole need to back out? Stupid is as stupid does I guess.

Why are you Pinoys so damn stupid once you get behind the wheel of a car? If you drove in America the way you drive here almost all of you would have lost your licenses by now. Traffic violations also come with hefty fines and are ALWAYS enforced. The police there will always pull you over, give you a ticket and expect you to pay the court eventually. Get a couple tickets and your insurance may very well be too expensive for you to renew and it is a crime to drive without insurance.

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  1. They are stupid when driving because they are stupid.
    Except that fact you can't blame someone to not know to drive if that someone had never a chance to receive education.
    You don't born driver, you have to learn it.
    After a common sense and fairplay could help but with the most selfish and stupid people on earth it is just hopeless...

  2. If getting a license is not that easy and enforcers are strict with violations then we wouldnt have stupid drivers. Only disciplined drivers!

  3. They can't drive because they don't get the proper driver's Ed.... They simply walk into a DMV like facility which is LTO and pay the fixers to get them license. Even the test paper has already been answered when they take it. Some know the traffic laws but choose to ignore them because they know they can get away with it. It chops my hide when I go to to malls and the parking lot is almost empty. But they choose to park outside the slots simply because it's closer to the mall entrance.

  4. Totaly agrea vith them coments here.The Pinoys must be the vorse drivers in the vourld.i ben a profesional driver of busses and trucks in Urope for abouth 50 years,but have never in Urope sen as bad drivers there as here in the Pilipines,none seams to knov anyting abouth basik trafikrules,or they just ignore them,since NOBODY are penalicing them for driving like maniakt,so they knov they get avay vith anyting here.Seams to me they sjould ALL go to a driving scool to learn to drive properl!The yepneys,trisykles and motorbiker are the vorse in my expirience here,overtaking before a bend,ven you cant se if anyting is coming in the oposite lane,or just before a hill,driving on the pavement to get past you,vhat an craisy bunch of drivers.Come to Urope and try driving like you do here,you vouldent last a day before the police there tok your licence,and removed you from the road if you drove there like you do here.Kaose is also one of the Pilipinos specialety,ven there is an trafickstopp somvere,the trysykles and motorbikes dive in there making it eaven vorse,kommon sence DONT exist here!


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