Agot Isidro opens doors for the mass practice of amateur psychiatry

Since a psychiatric patient like Agot is apparently qualified to give diagnoses of psychological problems, (Fashion and Interior Design) let me pitch mine.

Leila - daddy issues with nymphomania.

Mar - mommy issues with over-pampering and extreme self-entitlement

Noy - narcissistic personality disorder with unresolved Oedipal issues.

Leñi - anyone know the psychological term for "guillibly stupid?"

Anyone from cRappler - Over-dependence on overpriced caffeine, peer-approval, incomprehensible devspeak, and a compulsion to be a mindless yellow echo chamber.

Of course, they may be totally wrong. I have no professional degree, training or qualification to put out gobbledygook I barely understand. I applied no rigorous discipline in measuring the accuracy of my statements. i just applied what i am impressed on from newsfeeds. But I am as qualified as Agot Isidro to put them on social media. So there.

Update: from Pj Dizon:

Noynoy - Schizoaffective Bipolar and Autism Spectrum/Borderline Intellectual Functioning/Avoidant personality

Mar - Borderline Personality Disorder/Narcissistic and AntiSocial Personality Disorder

Agot - Bipolar II/Histrionic/Major Mood Disorder/Borderline and Trichotillomaniac (eating too much hairs)

D.C. as posted on Facebook.


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