Choosing between bullshit and action is a choice between Daang Matuwid and Duterte's War on Drugs

If anti-Duterte critics could come up with better solutions to the drug proliferation problem, they would have already prevented it from worsening during BS AbNoy’s (and De Lima’s) time. But, they fail to convincingly demonstrate either the aptitude or, at least, genuine inclination to really solve the drug problem. Instead, they’ve been strangely silent and seemingly oblivious to its urgency and magnitude.

Neither have I seen nor heard from them any equal (if not greater) concern for the rights of victims harmed by these drug criminals——and this is why their real intent remains suspect——It got blatantly obvious that their concern for the so-called “rights” of drug criminals (which they’ve forfeited) supersede the rights of victims.

Now, all they do is become know-it-all fear-mongering backseat drivers who nitpick Du30’s efforts every chance they get——create every obstruction to force Du30’s efforts to fail or to delay its success. This does nothing but benefit these drug criminals (& supporters), to the detriment of our society’s safety.

If vermin infest your house, would you rather have an ineffective bullsh!tter like ‘BS’ AbNoy or a potty-talking but effective exterminator——a no-nonsense DOER with a better chance of obliterating these vermins? I choose the latter.

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