Scale of brainwashing seen in Yellowtard cult unprecedented in Philippine history

Before there were “Du30-tards”, there were “YellowTards”. The Yellows invented the “tards”-style cult system. Du30-tards are just a natural by-product or offshoot to counterbalance the vicious YellowTards cult modus (“For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action”–Newton’s 3rd Law). There really have been no “Gloria-tards” or even “Erap-tards” on the scale & level of fanaticism started by the Yellow cult.

Blame the “yellow” journalists who exploited their foreign connections, & who would slant their news to worsen an already tenuous situation, uncaring even if it were to create misunderstanding between nations. When balanced & professionally objective reporting becomes secondary to personal political agenda, expect mistrust to ensue. What you sow is what you reap. Journalists do have power, & when you abuse that power, there is backlash.

There are good reporters who may be affected by a growing mistrust a few reporter colleagues have created. Just as the whole Catholic church suffered from mistrust due to the sins of a few pedophile priests, so are many good reporters suffering because of the sins of a few of their colleagues.

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