USA or China? Duterte chooses the PHILIPPINES!

A policy bomb was detonated in Beijing, and now the nation is feeling the tremors of said pronouncement.

Typically, the initial reaction zoomed on a matter of choice - USA versus China.

The westerners in us are frantic. "We just can't do that to Uncle Sam!" What about the economy? What about aid? Our military? The BPOs? What about our immigrant relatives?

The more pathetic ones would conjure images of a country that will no longer be, once the GIs pack their bags and turn their backs.

It is a natural reaction, born out of a century-old stranglehold and our Stockholm syndrome affair with the US of A. Ever since, we were perhaps the only Asian country indoctrinated with western culture, and we embraced it like our lives depend on it.

We aped the Hollywood glitz and glamor, and we subscribed to its ideals of democracy and freedom, notwithstanding the fact that in doing so, we are also the only Asian nation without a unique sense of culture and nationalism.

Actually our forefathers had it in them to imbibe a culture but what can you do to a nation ravished by self-absorbing conquerors one after the other in the last 4 centuries?

And so we had an amalgam of east and west in us, but the dominant ideal that stood was naturally the one perpetuated by the last colonizer -- the Americans.

Thus, the little brown brother came to be, but we seemed never to have grown at all, and  never given that space to carve our own niche in the global community.

The little brown brother was seen to it that it remain to be as such. The saddest part was that our leadership in the last decade or so was complicit.

Go ask Heneral Luna. He will confirm.

Now comes a game changer from our very own ranks. A maverick whose boorish demeanor and spartan behavior belie a brilliant mind and a zeal for patrimony.

What he detonated in Beijing today has sent shockwaves from Aparri to Jolo all the way to the Bay Area and beyond.

He wants to pursue an entirely different foreign policy. Actually, he may be the first president to even have a genuine foreign policy.

For once, the little brown brother stood up, and dared everyone to hear what he has to say. Suddenly, the global stage stopped, looked and listened.

And despite the crudeness and coarseness in his ploy, it cannot be denied that there is quite a depth in its repercussion.

He is charting an unheard of entente with a superpower that is not like the only superpower we have known and cuddled with. A superpower that we have subserviently and faithfully loved but who has constantly taken us for granted.

It is now making everyone dizzy and uncomfortable.

Is he on the right path? Or has he gone crazy?

Or is this the start of an awareness that we can be a sovereign country that deserves respect and recognition.

Again, for most of our countrymen, the discourse has become vapidly simple --  Where should we place our bet and our future?


For Duterte, lest we forget or fail to realize, the choice is very clear --

It's the Philippines 🇵🇭


Mark Lopez as posted on Facebook.


  1. gabi'y magwawakas, ang bayang inapi ngayon ay nakatindig.

  2. If Duterte is a painter, he is our Van Gogh. Just when you think he is a fool, sooner or later the genius stroke will reveal when all veils of prejudices and doubts are unveiled

    1. I agree with your point of view...God Bless The Philippines...

  3. No matter how you spin it, still stinks.

    1. Don't spin...just watch and enjoy.....savor the new challenge..

  4. all this article is saying is that we were influenced by the westerners and that Duterte has a new and different plan. OK.

  5. You can improve ties and work with China. China already owns half of the Philippines and just taking our islands. But why in the world do you need to denounce a long time ally, say you're going to part ways at an international state event?! That is totally un-diplomatic! And then pick Russia as another ally. Geeze really, he couldn't pick a better ally? Duterte has a personal grudge on Washington, and he is bringing the Philippines down in the process. If you can't take your islands back, at least sell it to them huh? Way to go Duterte, great foreign policy!

    1. China and Russia, nice! Biggest supporters of Syria, N Korea, Iran, and otherfavorites of the world. Now let's add a new member to the family, the Philippines! Maybe we need to think first before we start accepting aid and form partnerships.

    2. Its the thought of 71+ yrs old guy who dearly love and hor his pilipino grandchildren..

  6. Meanwhile Hongkong and Taiwan dread the thought of being part (or even the influence) of China. Hail to this new alliances with China and Russia!

  7. We are passengers of the boat and He is the Kapitan, the sea may be rough at times and could not see any island a shore...the navigation is unpredictable because he is the only one who can fathom the new course, but he can hear the whining and shouting, and even the whisper of a hungry child...its a worry at times, but for him to save His passenger is tantamount...The course of our history is dramatically changing in front of our very eyes and the world...And He has stamp the world our seal, our new seal of independence. Nevertheless, we hope and pray that in due time we could glimpse a shore on the rise...

    1. "...for him to save his passengers is PARAMOUNT..."

  8. Those who fear of losing US as our ally (our puppet master and we modern slaves) are not Filipinos in mind, in words and in deeds. Lapu- lapu will be ashamed of you.

  9. watch and learn lang kase wag maging PNOY thinking, tapos na ang panahon ni PNOY. eto na oh, sit back and relax, as if naman apektado kayo, wala man nga lang kayo na gawa kabutihan para sa baryo nyo or sa bahay nyo, sa kapwa nyo, tapos babanata nyo ang Presidente? why not magkaisa tayo para sa pag babago, ang piliin natin, ANG PILIPINAS! hindi ang sarili mo!

  10. What has america taken from us? What has china given to us? What has america given to us? What has china taken from us? Stood up from what? Please anlyze these and tell me if this article is worth reading for.

  11. One should master or assess first the global foreign policy and be mindful serious of being the leader of a nation.To be fully aware of how to align with other nations ideology and treatment of its own citizens.If however the citizens of those countries are oppressed, then one should have a better explanation of such alignment.A leader should also fully discuss decisions with his constituents and cabinet thus preventing negative assumptions by nations as a whole.

  12. Sir, I'm very touched with this. Thank you. I hope you don't mind me sharing it. God bless you.


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