The mounting sins of the Yellow Camp, a.k.a. the "disente" crowd...

These are the doings of the self-proclaimed "decent" people in our country:

1. Cynthia Patag and Jim Paredes politicized the death of Mr. Noli Asensio just to put Duterte in bad light like they always do. The family of the departed called them out for lying and using their unfortunate situation for political vendetta.

2. Raissa Robles smeared the name of the late Miriam Defensor-Santiago just hours after the senator died. Robles can't even wait a day to air her unwanted distasteful opinion against a greatly beloved senator.

3. All the yellowtards and anti-Duterte in the country and even abroad rejoiced over the deaths of the innocents in Davao night market bombing.

4. All the yellowtards and anti-Duterte are praying for a Yolanda-type typhoon to hit the country again just to stick it to the government that this country is nothing without foreign aids.

5. All the yellowtards and anti-Duterte are rejoicing when the peso is losing power against US dollar and when stock market closes low just to stick it again to Duterte. Little did they know that many economies in the world, even those we regard as first world, are experiencing the slump.

6. All the yellowtards and anti-Duterte want this country to fail... just so that they can say "I told you so" and feel good about themselves.

If schadenfreude is the new "decent" in this country, then I'll be more honored to be called a Dutertard than to proclaim myself as "decent" while doing similar things listed above.

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  1. 7. cynthia patag (chk her fb) was plannong to start a fundraising for matobato and was asking where to send it. and one yellow there commented on her post to ask Tagle, as he is in charge assigning parishes that will hide matobato.

    They even went on saying its fine posting the fund drive and hide matobato in catholic parishes just like they did with cory and no one touched cory.

    imagine - they levelled cory their saint with a fake whistleblower matobato. Losing last election must be really hard

  2. They're simply pathetic.

  3. I'm feeling impatient waiting for God (Lord pls forgive me for thinking this way😔can't help the frustration and disappointment I'm feeling at this moment😔)to punish all the wicked witches is our midst😁

  4. Cameh, please allow me to give you an unsolicited advice. Do not ask God for things that would put one's life in jeopardy. All of us are sinners in our own way. We all carry burdens of guilt and sin. I know it is frustrating to see wicked people seems to be winning in their own turf. Allow me to remind you that these people are responsible for their actions same as we do. We just pray to God that He always guide us to always seek the righteous path. That we always seek His kingdom. In the end, we should be seeking His love not these decent people.


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