Philippine politics' Yellow Camp embody the worst of Filipinos' cultural traits

What GRP is primarily critical towards, is Pinoy Culture, and perhaps enlightenment and then cultural reform. The Yellows happened to be criticized, because it reinforces and exploits our worst cultural traits to protect the status quo and their other selfish interests, political or otherwise. This is why it fell under GRP crosshairs. In other words, its concern is mainly cultural and only consequentially political.

Ferdie Marcos:
I was terribly young when I've opted for Cory when everyone else was for FM. So, 'not really such a huge fan of Ferdie Macoy myself.

However, the so-called abuses during Martial Law happened under the watch of then Defense Secretary Enrile, and Fidel Ramos of the Philippine Constabulary-Now, they are seen as heroes. If FM was such a horrible person, he would have ordered the dispersion of the Edsa crowd by [deadly] force, yet he did not. Martial Law per se is a measure taken when things get out of hand--Democratic nations such as the U.S. recognize its usefulness--It is NOT evil of itself.

Edsa Aftermath:
Now, we're living in the aftermath of Edsa. They had 30+ years to show real results. With all the freedom and opportunities they have claimed to have regained for us, it turned out to be a terrible lie.

Nothing personal, but AbNoy not only squandered opportunities, he also regressed the country--he and his supporters made partisan politics even worse, dirtier, and ever more decadent in this country--It's not BS AbNoy Aquino alone as it is the whole LP Yellow lie being insidiously and continually spread through media connections (both local and foreign) that's still infesting the country.

Press abuses:
Regarding press freedom. the Lopezes got back their media network, so they've adulated Cory to the high heavens. But, remember Cory even sued reporter Luis Beltran over a petty personal issue regarding her hiding under her bed. That was personal and not destructive to the country, yet she made a big deal about it--Compare that to the abuses the press is doing now, courtesy of the Yellow Camp, who would rather jeopardize our relations with other countries just to bring down their hated Duterte--sore over the fact that people freely voted him into office, instead of their Yellow candidate. Duterte did not aspire for it, but he got more signatures than he expected to agree to finally run (& eventually win). He is now doing his darnest to fulfill his campaign promise, amidst the impossible barriers the Yellow detractors would put up to make him fail.

Mainstream media is failing to police themselves, thus, I would not be surprised if there are grassroots movements on the rise to remind the media of their malicious excesses.

Hypocrisy of the Yellow Camp:
When your idea of cleaning up gov't from corruption equates to persecuting only your political enemies, then committing constitutional crimes, bribing to win political alliances and favors, leaving a trail of bloodshed due to profound incompetence or protecting the Hacienda, and so on, you've outdone the other groups in the hypocrisy department--Nothing can be more Pharisaical.

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