To escape the FAIL trap, Filipino parents should encourage their kids to succeed as individuals

If Filipinos could just stop hanging each other out to dry over the most trivial social infraction, they might actually be able to work together and achieve something.

This constant hammering-down of the nail that sticks out is what keeps the country in a state of permanent mediocrity. Nobody is allowed to succeed, because successful people highlight the abject failure of everyone else.

I suggested elsewhere that the #1 thing parents could do to help fix this country is to encourage their children to succeed: that is, as human beings, not as cash cows for the lazy family. Let them off the leash. Stop criticizing them and molding their thoughts into patterns of failure. Let them do what they were born to do.

Perhaps even this isn’t possible. Children who succeed will one day come back to tell the older generation: look at you. How could you have done this to our country? No parent can cope with that loss of respect.

So they keep their children down.

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