DLSU professor to sue Leni Robredo supporter for libel!

Mariel Rae Kho Fang, you have outdone yourself this time girl.  You are a poor excuse for a Lasallian.

I have always been so tolerant of trolls and bashers like you. I have even forgiven one who libeled me and we are in fact friends now.

But when you attack my family, you have done Mrs. Robredo a disservice and I am going to make sure you are going to pay the price.

For you to blatantly attack my family, particularly one of my daughters (I have two in fact) and accuse her of being raped by a relative (another attack to my family) is such a low blow not only because it is a complete falsity, but because it is also an act unbecoming not only of a Lasallian but more so of a human being.

None of my daughters have been raped by a relative, and thus there is none in my entire universe of reality where one of them would have sought refuge under the care of your patron, Leni Robredo.  What you have done is vile, inhuman, and un-christian.  You have shamed my entire family, and assaulted the very being of my two daughters.  You also vilified all my male relatives, for you just have unfairly accused one of them of being a rapist.

You have now waged a war not only at me, but at my entire family.

See you in court, and I hope your patron Leni Robedo can protect you.

What you did was libel of the foulest kind.

Antonio Contreras as posted on Facebook.


  1. oh? tangina malas niya.
    Mariel Fangre
    Address: Rm. 501, 745 Teodora Alonzo St., Sta. Cruz Mla.
    Contact #: 0922 851 3788

  2. serves her just right

  3. Although she had some info wrong, werent you the one who posted the blog from Sidney Ng that mentioned the rape incident? And now you cry libel when it was a conversation made among frieds? And because of your post, you are making it more public than what Mariel Fang did. I thought you wanted your daugter protected. Shouldnt rape cases should be kept as private as possible?

    1. FYI sir, none of Doc Tonton's daughter was raped. So, it is as clear as a crystal that Mariel Fang libeled against him by posting in public about false rumors or mere 'gossip' from her friend.

    2. Before Mariel Fang's FB account was deactivated, it was public for all to see. So The Thinker, your argument that it was a "conversation among friends", doesn't bear much weight. Libel is libel.

  4. @ The thinker. The moment she posted her conversation in a social app where all of her friends can read, then it was she who made it public. Libel na po yun. Puwede naman kasi group chat nila kung di nila mapigilan bibig nila. Imagine mo yan sa kapatid mo na babae or anak mo or nanay mo. Sasabihin ng mga tao, "ay narape pala yan sya?" Hmmmmmm

  5. it is already a given that your daughter was not raped and Mariel Fang was wrong. But if you really are angry that Mariel Fang was spreading wrong info, you surely are not helping contain it. :) with this way of thinking, i'm not surprised how you perceive the election results. :) Fulbright must be really proud of you. :)

  6. and by the way, i am for Duterte, I just don't like people who use their academic standing to spout illogical thinking and twist science just so they can spout semi-literate narratives to appear intelligent and think of themselves as iconoclasts.

    1. All this BS about anti-illogical thinking, yet you are siding with Mariel Fang who publicly posted libelous statements? Look in the mirror why don't you.

    2. The problem is that we dont give a damn if your pro or not. The thing is you shamed his daughter and his whole family, and you have to pay the price. If one of you have a daughter and she was put on this kind of situation, would you contain it by not telling everyone that it is not true? Where`s the logic on that? True or not what she did is unhuman, illogical for a woman to spread that someone got raped and your gossiping about it.

  7. My advice is to stay away from all social networks if some of you have that emo, bipolarism and sociopathic issue. We can live in a world free of stress if we want too. Commune with God and nature. Foster peace rather than hate. Make everyday a Christmas Day.

  8. conteras is the one using his daughters. he is using the incident as fodder to get back to other political pundits. he is nothing but a fame whore who needs to get out of his closet so he does not get so bitter about the world. :)

  9. Agree with the thinker. It's odd that Contreras has been posting all about this rape issue. It's all over his wall -- like dozens of posts all for his thousands of followers to see. It seems he himself doesn't think it's defamatory because people who would have otherwise not heard about it now have!

    Seems like he's just using this issue to get back at Mariel for exposing his poor use of statistics.


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