Visiting students/athletes baffled by #Filipinos' lack of inclination to walk even short distances

While on the 2Go ferry from Cebu to Manila this past February, I met several young people from Kenya, some were students attending school in Manila, while others were athletes who were running in some sort of marathon in Cebu city.

To put it mildly, they were quite appalled at the laziness of filipinos, when it came to walking very short distances. "We walk everywhere in our country" they proclaimed… "we cant understand why nobody walks here".

So there you have it in a nutshell, get up off your lazy asses and do some walking, its good for you, will help reduce traffic, and will be good for the environment. Besides, whats with all you idiots falling for the trappings of Western culture,such as seeing an automobile as a status symbol? The auto dealers/manufacturers/banks must be laughing their asses off at you fools. Who on earth buys a new car,only to sit idly in traffic for hours, getting nowhere???

I can't believe the number of new cars i saw in Manila !! SUCKERS !!

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  1. My first impression after spending five years in US is that Filipinos just waste their money buying expensive cars when we don't have the kind of roads and traffic that fully utilize the value of the car.


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