Modern societies at risk of social unrest when overly 'free' and 'open'

If a country is "free and open" like the Netherlands it's going to cause immigrants to move there, illegal or not. Once you have many peoples of different ethnic backgrounds, orientations, cultural beliefs, political ideologies, and economic statuses coming to your country all those groups will start to campaign for every right and privilege in their interests. Once that happens, the majority population will be silenced and will not be allowed to speak against it in fear of being labeled racist or discriminatory. In other words, they slowly become a minority in their own country as it transforms into nothing but a liberal secular cesspool with no real heritage, culture, or standards. It then leads to more liberalization of virtually everything in society.

This is slowly happening here in the US, as well as Britain, France, and other European countries. It's happening in all predominantly white nations and causing whites to depopulate annually. The global liberal agenda have successfully eliminated the old world Christian cultures, and now they're targeting the white race and the traditional white family for extermination. I'll keep this all in mind the more Indonesians, Turks, Moroccans, and other Third World peoples begin to immigrate more into the Netherlands and breed out the Dutch year by year. The fact that you also legalized all those other liberal policies further aggravates the problem.

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