#Filipinos: The United States's invisible minority

As I never lived in the US, I can't speak for Filipino-Americans or as a Filipino migrant. I have, however, had my share of working alongside Americans as well as frequent visits there.

While our media loves to show all the postive things about us in the US (no matter how small they may be), the truth is that we are barely existent in the eyes of Americans. This is not just in America but pretty much every developed country does not see our people as significant. The average American doesn't even know where Philippines is or what we are. It's sad really.

You only need to look at Hollywood; when was the last time we were featured in a major film or TV show? When was the last time a Filipino character was portrayed in TV? Just go out and about and speak to the locals. They'll ask you where you're from and the moment you utter, "Philippines", they simply stare at you as if they don't know what to say or aren't even interested in continuing the conversation.

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