#PNoy Aquino, the first President to lose #Philippines territory! #SouthChinaSea #Sabah

"Because of China's aggressiveness and as a result of our bungling confrontation with the superpower in  2012, and the stupidity - and out-of-place belligerency - of President Aquino and his officials, Chinese ships now permanently occupy Panatag Shoal, and our coast guard vessels and even Filipinos seamen are now barred from entering it.

"We have lost Bajo de Masinloc, and the 60 ancient maps that Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio says prove our claim aren't worth the price of photocopies of those maps he had collected. The US defense department's recent rattling of its sabers, warning China's behavior in the South China came a bit too late for us."

Read the full article by Bobi Tiglao on the Manila Times:


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