@MsLeaSalonga's bashers should focus on proving her wrong INTELLIGENTLY rather than act like crybabies!

What are we to celebrate every June 12?

If we are considering independence from Spain, perhaps that is the right reason. However, we should remember that after Spain we had two colonizers. Even after World War II, we are still, for the most part, clinging on to the US for aid. So to me, June 12 should be reviewed if we are to consider seriously "freedom."

I can see different perspectives here: (1) Lea may have a problem keeping her mouth shut or she seem to be a brat and (2) some Filipinos are not used to hearing straightforward messages. I cannot go with (1) because it is not for me to judge her. I go with (2) because I can only react based on what expressed. And messages such as that should be accepted maturely. I even want to thank her for not sugar-coating it.

Please read Lea's message beyond it's text. It is not anti-Filipino at all. I can see a wake up call, a challenge.

True we should remember and thank the ideas and the lives of those who fought for our rights but somewhere along the line we should move on. The best that we can do is remember them while working at our best, telling them in our minds that this is how we repay you; these are all for you. I'm sure if they will be resurrected from their graves and sees the present Philippines, they would say "Guess one martyrdom is not enough to get the message across." And may add "What the hell are you celebrating for?!"

It is also true that most of us are continually working and struggling to better ourselves and our beloved country. And Lea's message should be taken us a reminder; like someone is telling us "oops, we're on the right track but is still drifting" or "we're moving forward well but aren't we forgetting something?"

To all the bashers, please take it that way. Otherwise, and if you still insist, perhaps the best you can do is prove (prove, not bash) Lea wrong.

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