The way #Filipinos routinely over-compensate by over-representing themselves

Here's a true story I'd like to share. I was part of the international council at my university and we had a downtown parade where students from different countries would participate. The idea was that one country would be represented by one student carrying their home country's flag. I couldn't carry the Philippine flag because someone else had already taken it.

So on the night of the parade we saw everyone and their flags marching, but then to my surprise the Philippines were being represented not by one, but by multiple Filipinos carrying multiple Philippine flags instead. I'm standing there thinking "What the heck are they doing?" The other students from the other 15 or 16 countries were following the rules, so why did the Filipinos have turn around and overrepresent themselves like that? Bunches of Filipinos would gather at the corners shouting "Yeah, go Philippines! Pinoy Pride!" it just felt very unsettling and undeserving. I don't know what exactly makes Filipinos think they're even qualified to be doing things like this.

Believe me, this isn't even the first time I experienced this. Where I live there are multiple groups, organizations, and associations dedicated to Fil-Am unity and promotion of Filipino identity and culture. I won't go into detail about those but to me it's just so weird. It's like they want other nationalities to just automatically acknowledge and respect them. Stop making so much noise.

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  1. 1. yup.. classic pee noise
    2. diyan magaling ang pinoy, di ba? in making more filipinos, especially those they cannot afford to raise properly?


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