#Filipinos' uncivilized behaviour hinders #Philippines' progress

I often wonder why Filipinos can't behave in a "civilized" way in their own home country.

It is known that we are striving to become a first world country, yet at the same time the behavior of our countrymen betrays this aspiration.

IF you are striving for first world status, you won't be:

1. rude, undisciplined and inconsiderate
-The opposite would be true.

2. overly emotional;
-we would think before we acted and tried to base national stands and decisions off good information.

3. lack a sense of self-responsibility;
– instead we would choose national leaders who are deserving of that position and patronize media that give us good quality programming.

4. rely heavily on external factors and forces for validation;
– instead we should develop indigenous capabilitites to create capital and defense materiel.

5. take criticism and alternative approaches/points of view very poorly;
– we shouldn't follow our current national leaders who would go on "beast mode" over perceived slights.

6. set abominably low standards for themselves;
– Why not set out to completely eradicate poverty, sytematize transportation, expand manufacturing to the provinces? Most of all, why not set out to rebuild our armed forces and make it capable of displaying power thousands of kilometers away from Manila.
– Get rid of that "Bahala na" mentality.

7. lazy and unimaginative;
– We need more scientists and researchers to reinvent/create processes, materials and things. We also need entrepreneurs and industrialists to make it work. For too long we have focused on retail and services.

8. harbor a skewed concept of freedom;
– while technically we are free, we currently live under the dictatorship of the oligarchy.

It is small, niggly things that make me feel ashamed of our people and myself by extension.

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