#Charity: Good for the soul but NOT for an entire country like the #Philippines

Filipinos should understand that just because their intentions are good on one little thing doesn't mean they will actually make a difference as a whole. For example, giving a few loose coins to that beggar across the street will neither help the beggar escape poverty nor actually take even the slightest step to solve poverty. It's something a lot of people just to gain approval to the tune of 'hey guys look, I just helped a poor old hungry woman by giving her a couple of coins, that means I'm a kind person blah blah' and then what? Did anything change?

Instead of being sincerely kind and compassionate towards our own family, say for example, as a teenager, 'I will save up and not indulge in unnecessary spending with my friends going out to movies, replace my 2 month old phone because it's not popular anymore etc etc etc when my parents can barely pay for my education' - this kind of sensitivity towards what actually helps your family and your future as a whole - is the true kindness and compassion that our country needs. What we have in its place is the superficial form of kindness made just for show and entertainment.

I have high school chums used to chastise me for being insensitive and heartless to beggars, but these Sunday churchgoers I know have had two or more boyfriends/girlfriends at a time, steal money from their own parent's pockets and cheat during exams. The kind of people who pretend to have good intentions but are nothing short of dead weight to society. Nowadays they hop from one job to another, live on a debt-on, debt-off financial policy and never actually get to save anything for their kids' future much less their own, some of them now have four kids half of which they can't send to school and are just lucky that their parents are still alive making extra money or have somebody from US who sends balikbayan boxes once every two years. And to think this is what's happening to a large chunk of our adults nowadays.

I feel sad for our country's future just because a lot of us never get to learn sincere kindness at such a young age.

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