God is #Filipinos' favourite excuse for their laziness and lack of imagination

Don't you think God might be more pleased with you all if you got off you lazy asses and tried to help YOURSELVES now and then, instead of waiting for Him to do it for you? You seriously expect God to come and pick up your litter, fix your infrastructure, or stop you cheating each other?

Not all Filipinos are lazy and stupid. Quite true. But too many of them are. So you get ONE hard-working and smart person who goes abroad, guilt-tripped into sending money back to five or ten useless relatives back home. So yes, those OFWs do suffer a lot - not "for the sake of their children", but because their countrymen expect them to.

Of course, no point telling you this. Everything you've written was taught to you in school and by the mainstream press. If there's one thing Filipinos are good at, it's believing comforting lies passed around by politicians.

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