#Democracy in the #Philippines is more about big names and less about big IDEAS

The supposed real value of democracy is that anyone with a real dream and vision can represent the people and set out to do this. The funny part is the Philippines has had those great mayors but guess who always ends up in the ballots in this great democratic setup of the country? Mostly inept leaders who captured the sympathy of the people who aren't well educated to understand that EXACT value of the democratic system! And the ones who did real practical effort make enough enemies to get themselves exposed and demonized.

The country has never really voted anyone out peacefully nor have they ever given the full blessings to a leader. The 1986 Constitution was simply a peaceful takeover with the proper propaganda to run it. No one will say it that way because the winners can write history the way they want to. And the country has gone through at least two people power coups and numerous attempts. The same people who valued democracy so much that they forget to read the fine lines in the constitution that the leader is to serve six year terms and the lines for impeachment or to oust the leader out aren't clear cut, unless propagated otherwise. And they go collect themselves out the streets as a mob to complain about the performance of a leader because someone in media or word of mouth is helping perpetuate it.

At the very least, LKY set out the rules for his people and despite how rigid or strict it could be in the beginning, his people grew to understand the practicality of it and realized the big picture of the results to be with it. Meanwhile the Filipino Democracy is about as resolute as a contract written on toilet paper because the people don't understand how the system works and in the end, its the big names they put into power that laugh their way to the bank.

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  1. It's not called the "Democracy of the Philipines", it's called the "Republic of the Philippines".

    A socialist/comunist Democracy is not the same thing as a captialist Republic.

    Why don't people use words properly?

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  3. "...the Filipino Democracy is about as resolute as a contract written on toilet paper because the people don't understand how the system works and in the end, its the big names they put into power that laugh their way to the bank."

    What the people don't understand about political science is that democracy is the root cause of all their problems. Like most people they foolishly think 'democracy' is a good thing. It isn't. It's just another form of socialism, and socialism kills. Socialism is war.

    Socialism takes (robs) from those who produce and gives to those who produce nothing; the useless dregs of society. That is why politicians and 'the poor' love democracy (socialism.) Socialism does not produce wealth, it redistributes and consumes it while producing more poverty. Politicians and other useless people (a.k.a. "the poor") profit from it while producers are punished and robbed. The more poor, uneducated voters there are, the more the disease of socialist democracy spreads: Useless people always want to get something for nothing.

    Politics attracts the dregs of society, the worst people. People who either can't or won't earn an honest living by producing things people want. It always has been that way. All they really know is how to trick poor people into electing them by promising them free handouts, wealth which they must first steal (tax) from producers.

    But just as they can't sucessfully run a business, neither can they sucessfully run a country. They rob from the rich and give to the poor, until there are rich no more. When the poor become rich they too are robbed, so everybody looses, except the politicians.

    Benjamin Franklin once described democracy as "five wolves, two sheep and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner". In democracy the wolves (politicians) always win, and you're the sheep (producers) and lamb (poor) they feed on.

    They're like bloodsucking vampires and you're their dinner. So long as you support 'democracy' you're indirectly, ignorantly, and foolishly supporting the very evils you think you're opposing!

    The hell with 'democracy'! Restore your Republic, and in so doing restore your freedom and prosperity.


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