European societies need to consider protecting their cultural identities from scam of liberalism and globalisation!

I read in an article that more Dutch are leaving the Netherlands than there are returning. There are also less Dutch having families. By migrating to another country you are also contributing to the slow end to the character of that nation. I can't help but feel that this was all planned from the start, to force all of Europe to unknowingly destroy their own individual cultural identities, and ultimately just mix altogether (along with immigrants) to just form a "European". This is happening without anyone realizing it.

That's the path white countries are heading towards and I think it's a terrible fate. The EU was a scam. Multiculturalism, globalization, and liberalism have all been scams. What's it going to take for the Dutch to become more conservative, more nationalistic, and fight for their existence and heritage? When their population is down to 50% in their own country over the next several decades? In any case, I wish the best for the Dutch and the rest of Western civilization against liberalism's global homicidal agendas.

As for my fellow Filipinos, if you want to copy the kinds of liberal freedoms that America and Europe have then go ahead and try. But I hope you will understand what the effects you are going to face will be. How will you handle it? What measures will you take? Legalizing same sex marriage would only be the beginning. Always remember that the more you give rights and privileges to minority groups, the only thing they'll want is more and more and more because you'll have to make everybody happy. And then who gets marginalized? The majority and the very country they've built. It's a challenge, so it's something worth seriously thinking about.

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